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北京pk10投注十大平台:Investment rumors: Why do most investors only passively adapt to the market?

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内容摘要: 1. The market is like a pendulum, always swinging between short-lived optimism. Smart investors are realists who sell stocks to optimists a...

1. The market is like a pendulum, always swinging between short-lived optimism. Smart investors are realists who sell stocks to optimists and buy stocks from pessimists. The future value of each investment is a function of its current price. The higher the price you pay, the less you will reward. No matter how fascinating an investment looks, never pay too high a price. This will minimize the chance of making mistakes.

2. The financial crisis is the result of collisions between unseen events and high-risk leverage structures that cannot withstand these events. The main reason for the collapse was that the situation did not develop as expected. Indeed, the assumption that something is not possible has the potential to drive events. However, investors must not just stare at what is expected to happen and rule out other possibilities. . . . . . Don't overburden risk and leverage, or the adverse consequences will destroy you.

3. I think that the essence of value investing is the mismatch between value and price. The bigger the dislocation, the more attractive it is. Heavy asset cycle stocks may not necessarily be bad stocks, and light asset non-cyclical stocks may not always be good stocks. The market always rewards stocks that perform well in the short-term, and rejects stocks that perform poorly in the short-term. What do investors do? Is it prepared to chase stocks that perform well in the short term, or to abandon stocks that perform poorly in the short term, or to go against them?

4. If people think that stocks perform well, they will judge that the stock's risk is low and the return is high; if people think that the stock's performance is not good, it will judge that the stock's risk is high and the return is low. At the peak of Internet stocks, some valued stocks with very low prices were considered to be much more risky than internet technology stocks, but the latter eventually collapsed. In fact, risk judgments and returns are often negatively correlated: the higher the real risk, the lower the return, and vice versa.

5. Investors should not only pay attention to whether or not the investment currently held is "undervalued" but also include "why" is underestimated. It is important to know why you have made this investment, and to sell when the reasons for supporting you to continue holding this investment no longer exist. Look for those who have investments that can directly help the actual potential value of the catalyst, and give priority to companies that have excellent management and managers who have personal financial interests in the company.

6. Emotions often have the ability to overwhelm rational analysis because investors tend to have strong feelings about the prospects of a stock or an investment. The stronger the positive emotions, the higher the stock price may be. Similarly, the stronger the negative emotions, the lower the stock price may be. At the same time, the higher the stock price, the more positive emotions can be strengthened; the lower the stock price, the more negative emotions can be strengthened. Ultimately, emotions will lead to behavior away from normal benchmarks.

7. Jason Zweig believes that the secret of investment success lies in your heart. If you are critical in thinking about issues, do not believe the so-called facts of Wall Street, and invest in long-term confidence, you will gain a steady return, even in a bear market. By cultivating your own restraint and courage, you will not let other people's mood swing to control your investment goals. Your investment is far less important than the way you act.

8. History tells us that the only undisputed truth is that the future will always exceed our expectations and it will always be the case. A corollary to the rules of financial history is that those who are most surprised at the stock market are those who believe that their future predictions are correct. As far as the stock market is concerned, the worse the future looks, the better the results will generally be. Jason Zweig said that staying humble like Graham will save you from self-righteousness and the result will be lost.

9. One of Benjamin Graham's strongest views is that if investors themselves follow the trend or become overly worried about the unreasonable decline in the price of the securities they hold, then he is unthinkable to transform their basic advantages into The basic disadvantage. Jason Zweig believes that this “basic advantage” means that smart individual investors are free to choose whether to follow the market. You have the right to think independently.

10. The value of any investment is and will always depend on the price of the purchase. After all, the profits that the company can make are limited, so investors should pay for the price they pay. Never think that stocks bought at any price point are worth the money. Graham warned that it is illogical and dangerous to expect high income to continue in the future. Therefore, investors should try to reduce their expectations.

11. The stock portfolio held by investors is only a small cross section of the huge stock market. For the sake of caution, Graham suggested that investors should have some knowledge of the history of the stock market, especially about major fluctuations in their prices, as well as knowledge of the overall relationship between stock prices and stock profits and dividends. Based on this, he can come up with some valuable judgments on the attractiveness and danger of stock price levels in different periods.

12. Investment is based on a thorough analysis. The purpose is to ensure the security of the principal and obtain appropriate returns. Therefore, investors will calculate the value of the stock based on the business status of the company, which is less important to the trend of the stock price. They only invest in the following situations: Even if they do not know the daily price of the stock, they can be assured of the stock they hold. They are making money for themselves, not for brokers. It is a unique gambling game.





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