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北京pk10投注十大平台:Various A-share funds: The fund's first-raise share increased by 391% year-on-year in April, Northbound funds exceeded 30 billion, and cargo scans still had US$40 billion on the road.

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内容摘要: 4 Month-of-the-month equity fund shares increased by 391% year-on-year.\u0026nbsp;With the constant changes in supervision and the market, ...

4 Month-of-the-month equity fund shares increased by 391% year-on-year.

\u0026nbsp;With the constant changes in supervision and the market, the situation of blonde hair is getting more and more attention of investors. "Securities Daily" reporters, according to statistics found that in April, the new fund set up to pick up the case, and the number of newly established fund first raised both share growth. 65 newly established fund first raised the share of total 59.56 billion copies, an increase of 77.42%, of which 7 first raise equity funds share of 21.586 billion copies, an increase of 391.32%.

position estimate report in accordance with Galaxy Securities Fund in May 2 announced, common stock, partial shares mixed and balanced average hybrid fund positions was 89.25%, 86.82% and 80.03%, respectively. According to this fund positions estimates, the newly established April 7 general equity funds, two partial shares mixed fund and a balanced hybrid funds provided a total of 9.38 billion yuan of funds into the market.

According to statistics, as of May 6, excluding foreign closed-end funds, a total of 4917 raised funds market fund (A / B / C class consolidated statistics, the same below), which in April the newly established 65 funds (fund set up by Japan Statistics), including 18 equity funds, 25 hybrid funds, 20 bond funds and 2 QDII funds.

In April, the first fund-raising share of 65 funds reached 59.56 billion copies, and the average single fund's first-raise share was 916 million copies. In the same period of last year, the first fund of 58 funds totaled 33.571 billion shares, and the average single fund had only 579 million shares. In April, the new fund’s first-mover share increased by 77.42% year-on-year, and the average first fund share of individual funds increased by 55.25% year-on-year.

regulated and market fluctuations, in April this year established a new fund type is also subject to change. Equity funds added rapidly, while currency funds have not been created.

According to statistics, among the 65 new funds newly established in April, the largest share of the first fund was bond funds. In April, 25.422 billion copies were issued, an increase of 253.43% year-on-year. Equity funds followed, and the first fund was raised. The share of the company reached 21.586 billion copies, an increase of 391.32% year-on-year; the combined fund and QDII fund’s first-share share were 11.99 billion and 562 million copies, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that no monetary fund was established in April this year. Since the beginning of this year, only one currency fund has been established. The fund will add to silver for the people's livelihood for half a year money fund . The fund was formally established on February 11 this year, with a distribution share of 1.801 billion. In addition, the C-share of E Fund cash-enrichment money fund was also established on March 8 this year. However, the trading status is still suspended. (Securities Daily)

7 _ 89456 _ 39 _ 65473 _ 94 in the North against the market trend has spent a lot of nearly 40 billion cargo sweeping A-share

\u0026 nbsp to funds; According to statistics, in April the North cumulative net purchases of 38.65 billion yuan to the fund, and this year the North to the funds accumulated net buying 808.41 Billion yuan, the net purchase amount accounted for 47.81% in April. In addition, since the beginning of this year, the average daily turnover of northbound funds has been approximately 19.116 billion yuan, which is much higher than the average daily turnover of about 10 billion yuan in 2017.

The data further shows that in April, Shanghai Stock Exchange Fund's net purchase amounted to 27.495 billion yuan, and Shenzhen Deepshare Fund's net purchase amounted to 111.91 billion yuan. Among them, Shanghai shares through net outflow of funds only slightly in April 20 812 million yuan, the rest of the trading day are net buying.

In response, market participants stated that, on the one hand, unlike the index, the northerly funds were bought in an unusually high-profile manner, indicating that they recognized the investment value of some stocks at the current point. At the same time, the market is expected to continue to strengthen the inclusion of A-shares in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. A-shares in North-to-August Funds will have a “grabbing layout”. In fact, the lower valuation of the A-share market, better growth, and the comparative effect of vertical and horizontal comparisons also have a stronger risk-to-earnings ratio. Therefore, under the continuous turbulence in the world, China's good and predictable development prospects have highlighted the greater appeal of A shares to global funds including hedge funds.

On the other hand, according to the industry distribution of the MSCI China A-Shares International Index, the financial and consumer sectors are the mainstream, and the corresponding stocks of Shanghai Stock Exchange are also mainly from the Baima Group leader in the financial and consumer sectors. Therefore, the incremental funds Under the support, Shanghai Stock Connect showed a clear flow of funds into the situation.

It is worth mentioning that in April the North-facing funds rewritten a number of records: On April 18th, the capital turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect reached 25.5 billion yuan, including net purchases of Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks of RMB 3,983 million respectively. And 3.239 billion yuan, the former is a one-day high since October last year, which is the highest one-day since the opening of deep stock exchanges; since March 26, as of April 19, the northbound funds have been presented for 7 consecutive trading days of net. Inflow into the state of , total A-share capital purchases reached 38.397 billion yuan, which is the longest continuous net inflow days of the year. The last consecutive days of continuous inflows were 13 trading days, that is, from December 21, 2017 to January 12, 2018.

Opening Bank shares

then after entering in May, to the north, what insights funds in April abnormal high-profile layout to give investors?

first from April Top 10 stocks traded summary situation, Shanghai shares through respect, Moutai , China Ping An , Conch Cement , Yili , Hengrui Medicine , Merchants Bank , China International Travel , CITIC Securities , Baosteel , Yutong bus ,7_ 89456_107_65473_9 China Petrochemical , China Unicom , China Pacific Insurance , Shanghai Bank , Construction Bank , Angel Yeast stocks such as Shanghai shares through the cumulative net inflow of funds are as follows: 3.073 billion yuan, 2.903 billion yuan, 2.79 billion yuan, 1.525 billion yuan, 1.4 billion yuan, 903 million yuan, 578 million yuan, 361 million yuan, 326 million yuan, 313 million yuan, 239 million yuan, 210 million yuan, 178 million yuan, 125 million yuan, 90 million yuan Yuan, 0.34 billion yuan. , Qingdao Haier Industrial Bank , SAIC , Poly Real Estate , , Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bank and other stocks the airport Shanghai shares were sold through a small net funds were 0.12 billion yuan, 0.36 Billion yuan, 0.41 billion yuan, 0.49 billion yuan, 90 million yuan, 121 million yuan.

shares through deep respect, Wuliangye , US group , Hikvision , Focus Media , Yanghe , Han's Laser , Vanke A, East Fortune , Ping An Bank , Shuanghui Development , Kangdexin 7_89456_ 198_65473_9, Changchun High-tech , Huadong Medicine , Tianqi Lithium Industries , GoerTek shares of China Merchants Shekou , Tiger medicine , , ChinaNetCenter deep shares and other stocks through funds accumulated net inflow , respectively, 2.564 billion yuan, 2.046 billion yuan, 1.717 billion yuan, 721 million yuan, 656 million yuan, 323 million yuan, 295 million yuan, 239 million yuan, 238 million yuan, 180 million yuan, 148 million yuan, 108 million yuan , RMB 104 million, RMB 92 million, RMB 72 million, RMB 61 million, RMB 44 million, and RMB 28 million. Luzhou , Luxshare , BOE A, UOB shares , country Xuan Tech , Sofia , Ophelia Technology , Gree shares and other stocks were deep pass funds Selling to varying degrees were respectively 0.08 billion yuan, 23 million yuan, 40 million yuan, 70 million yuan, 90 million yuan, 97 million yuan, 146 million yuan and 3.949 billion yuan.

Secondly, from an industry perspective, there are 21 Shenwan-level industries that have increased the market value of their northbound fund positions in April. Among them, food and beverages . Banks, medical biology, building materials, non-bank financial, steel, computer and other seven applications The market value of the 10,000-level industry increased by more than one billion yuan, which was: 8.649 billion yuan, 5.066 billion yuan, 4.318 billion yuan, 3.296 billion yuan, 3.016 billion yuan, 2.032 billion yuan, 1.193 billion yuan. The market value of positions held by household appliances, electronics and other industries decreased by a relatively large amount: 2.261 billion yuan and 3.828 billion yuan respectively.

It should be noted that Gree's market value in April decreased by 4.547 billion yuan, which was mainly due to the concentrated sales. If the impact of Gree Electric Appliances was excluded, the market value of North China’s capital in the home appliance industry increased by 2.286 billion yuan in April, among which, Midea Group increase the market value of 1.527 billion yuan positions, and Qingdao Haier, little Swan Supor , A, Vantage shares , boss appliances those positions, the market value increased in different degrees.

It can be seen from this that the large consumption category was added to the North by funds in April. In addition, the allocation of technology funds to the North-backed funds has been weakened. Compared with March, the pace of the Canadian warehouse computer industry has slowed down. However, the market value of positions held by electronics and communications industries has decreased. In general, the allocation of positions to the North-facing funds in April was more balanced. After JP Morgan Chase Vice Chairman Asia-Pacific region will meet the media at Ulrich expressed confidence the first time following the MSCI China A shares included in the index; feed configuration MSCI China stock funds reached $ 40 billion

\u0026 nbsp: (China Securities Journal)

JP Morgan Chase In addition, more Chinese companies listed overseas will be included, and their share will increase in the future, driving $6.6 billion in funds to passively configure the stocks covered by the MSCI China Index.

It is more expected that the funds generated by the active allocation will be five times that of the passive allocation, and the total funds for the allocation of Chinese stocks will reach US$40 billion.

JPMorgan Chase remains bullish on the Chinese stock market in the future. She expects MSCI China's average price-to-earnings ratio of 2018 to be 12.9-fold, while the overall average price-to-earnings ratio of emerging markets is 12.3 times. The Chinese stock market is in a relatively reasonable valuation range. At the same time, the ROE of China's stock market is 14.4%. It is also higher than the overall and some developed markets in emerging markets, so the future of China's stock market will have growth potential.

She said that financial technology will become the next new pillar of Internet business model development beyond advertising, games, and e-commerce. It is expected that in the next three to five years, China's financial technology industry will become a multi-billion yuan (RMB). The same level as the market, and Internet companies will occupy the main market share. The business opportunities in China's financial technology market are very impressive. The total market revenue of China's financial technology market will reach around 460 billion yuan in 2020. Consumer and service upgrades, high-tech, artificial intelligence, automation, and manufacturing upgrades will become new growth drivers. (The economy through Chinese station)

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Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-05-07





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